Your Skin Will Thank You


Life is good, but sometimes your skin needs a little extra love! Many years ago, I found Origins. Years later and the list of Origins products I love continues to grow!

Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask – This product introduced me to Origins. An award-winner and best seller, this mask purifies and leaves your face feeling fresh and oh so clean! Apply the mask when your skin needs a quick rescue! Even if only applied once, results can be seen in two to three days! You can also use it as a spot treatment overnight. Simply wash off in the morning. I don’t go without this mask!

Modern Friction Nature’s Natural Dermabrasion – Applying to dry skin, this exfoliator polishes your skin, leaving it resurfaced and luminous. It may feel rough at first, but ingredients including aloe and lemon oil help renew and calm your skin. This is also an Origins best seller! I received a sample and haven’t gone without since!

Retexturizing Mask with Rose Clay – Y’all, this mask smells amazing! Imagine taking crushed roses in the smoothest lotion and applying to your face! Add in a mild exfoliator and you have this mask! No other mask makes skin truly glow! The retexturizing element is much more mild than Modern Friction, however acting with the rose clay, this mask is the perfect combination of purifying, resurfacing and clarifying! If you have an event and need a quick fix the morning of, this is the mask for you!

Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask – I found this mask just in time for summer! Even though I apply sunscreen every day, I tan really easily! The sun dries out skin and in the winter, who doesn’t add a little more moisturizer than normal? This mask rescues skin from dryness! It saved me multiple times this summer! No need to worry, this doesn’t over-moisturize, but simply hydrates tired skin. Avocado is the key ingredient! Let’s just add one more reason to love avocado! It has a natural, calming, earthy scent that is common for most Origins products.

This is just the beginning of my Origins Favorites List! These products are perfect year round! If you are looking for a new face mask or exfoliator, these are my recommendations!

Origins does not know who I am and this post is not sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are my own.