Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

2017-12-22 04.32.03 1.jpg

Recently, I was looking for the perfect sporty casual shoe.

My go-to Sperry’s were needing to be replaced and I wanted to update with something a little on the athletic side.

After eyeing a pair of all white Nike’s, I decided to veer away from running shoes and toward a sporty casual tennis shoe.

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers kept coming up and each time I saw them, I liked them more and more!

Stan Smith’s are a classic tennis shoe and they’re making a very strong come back!

As my search continued, I started seeing Stan Smith’s in other brands. J.Crew released these navy and white Stan Smith Sneakers, however shop fast because sizes are going quickly!

They are perfect for all seasons. Watch for these sneakers on repeat for Spring 2018 styles.

Both men and women Stan Smith Sneakers are sporty, clean and classic. This a true testament of a 70’s trend coming full circle!

It’s a sporty shoe that has mastered the perfect blend between trendy and classic!

Shop both Men’s and Women’s Stan Smith styles here!

Prices vary depending on retailer and style.

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