Finding your Peace

It’s a common question when you’re getting to know someone. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

I love, love, love the beach! Warm sun, tan skin, salt hair, and low tide captivate my type A heart and slow me down for a while.

Ever since I was little, I liked to be active! Let’s go, do, see and adventure! For the past six years, our vacation destination has been Hilton Head Island. Everyone bikes to local restaurants, shops or marinas. This just emphasizes the slower pace. Even though I’m active, it’s peaceful.

I don’t know where you derive your peace, but sometimes the place we “center” becomes a source of stress, not peace.

In Isaiah, the Bible talks about the Prince of Peace being born as a sweet little baby boy. Normally this verse is read at Christmas, but I found such encouragement from these words.

He is a wonderful counselor, mighty God, Prince of peace, everlasting father.

When I was little, my aunt and uncle had a pool and we would swim every fourth of July. When we got out, the cool summer night air hit us. It wasn’t enjoyable, but swimming was so fun it was worth it! My aunt would bring us warm towels to dry off. Oh my goodness, nothing felt more comforting than those!

In life, some seasons are difficult. Life is heavy and some days are just hard. Maybe it’s a bunch of small things that accumulated to a rough day or maybe it’s heavy news and things we just can’t possibly wrap our heads around. God comes in with His peace like a warm blanket to comfort you from this cold world.

His Peace, which transcends all understanding, calls you and calms you. It’s a security unlike any other and it’s there, waiting for you to wrap yourself in it.

“For He himself is our peace.” Ephesians 2:14

So dear friend, however your day has gone, His warm blanket of peace is waiting for you!

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